A dynamic and fun
game about Cham
Cham-a-lot is a fun arcade mobile game where your chameleon eats little bugs and beetles while discovering the story of becoming a Great Shaman.

In his world there are many different beetles. They slyly fly along different trajectories right under the nose, but some of the beetles are attractive and tasty, while others are dangerous and harmful.

As you progress through the levels of the chameleon, there are more and more new species of beetles, big bosses, glass balls with precious beetles, beehives and much more.

They fly faster and faster, and the main task is to never eat harmful bugs! In this uneasy task bombs, shields, freezing, super-strikes will help you in this mission.

And, of course, fast tap and quick reaction!
Each level has 3 rounds: several simple and one for boss or bonus round.
To win level player has to eat all good bugs, earn bonuses and defeat boss.
If you eat evil bug — start from the beginning of the level.

Each next level looks different and feels different:
• New type of bugs
• Bugs move faster or change their trajectory
• New type of bosses (Big Boss, Multishade, Rollstone, Bountyseed)
• Quick-time events
Bonuses & Boosters
Player earns bonuses in several ways:
• Eat bonus bugs
• Tap faster in order to finish the level with all stars
• Defeat boss and eat more bonus bugs

Player can spend his bonuses on Cham-a-lot skins, boosters or open new bonus levels.




Release date
Feb 2020


Ages 4+

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